What theme or genre do you usually practice?
Fashion, portrait, abstract, sensual and erotic, nude

What or who do you normally take inspiration from?
Movies, littérature, painting, music…

What did you want to convey with this particular session, what were its goals? Any curiosity to tell about her, any anecdote in her development? Did you achieve the objectives set or did something different come up?
Strength and loneliness. Contrasts through model, nature, simple outfits… and wide angle lens.
Christelle is one of my favorite models. We did this together, with confidence and simplicity.
We had to walk one hour to go to this place, without team, but with some lighting.

Of the photos you send us, which one do you like the most and why? It expresses the best the idea of strength and loneliness...

Tell us why you dedicate yourself to photography and since when? Are you a professional or an amateur?

Professional photographer and director since more than 30 years.
Curious, art lover, no talent to be a painter. Fascinated by Argentine photography since the age of 13.

What team do you work with?
No permanent team.

What is the best thing about being a photographer / model / stylist / makeup artist / hairdresser…? And the worst?
Building artistic worlds, testing yourself and others, meeting people… express inside feelings, loves, fears, sensuality and wonder.
Difficulty to make a living….

What has been, so far, your greatest achievement in photography? And would you also like to tell us something that maybe didn’t turn out as well as you thought, but it helped you to learn something important?
Every new project I consider as my new greatest future achievement…

How do you prepare in this profession? And what are your next goals and / or projects?
Would like to edit a book. In preparation…

Do you want to tell us something more about yourself or your work that you consider interesting and want to make known to our readers?
enthusiastic and eclectic.
I have a litterary formation. I worked as a film maker, teacher, musician, reporter. I love traveling.

Photographer: Daniel Calderón @danielcalderon_photo
Model & MUAH: Christelle Burrus
Stylist: shirt: Diesel / boots: Dr. Martens
jacket: Revise Concept / boots: Maje

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